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Dear Friend,

My name is Martin Buckley and that's me in the picture below holding $200 that I earned in less than 3 hours selling pizza discount cards.

In my Pizza Card Profits guide I will teach you how I went from being unemployed and broke to now making over $150 per day working only part-time around 20 hours or less per week.

Here are a few question's for you...

* Are you sick of working for someone else?

* Have you recently lost your job?

* Are you looking for a way to make extra money?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then my Pizza Card Profits guide is going to teach you how to start your very own fun and exciting business, producing and selling pizza discount cards in your local community. 

No Experience Necessary

The following will be revealed in my guide...

* How to start this business for under $50.

* How to find all the clients you'll ever need.

* Where to get 1,000 pizza cards printed for under $30.

* How to earn at least $150 or more per day.

* Seven unique ways to sell pizza cards.

* Sample sales flyers, letters, agreements and pizza cards.

* And much more...  

The pizza card business is ideal for...

* Stay at home mom's      * Stay at home dad's

* College students            * Entrepreneurs

* Anyone who needs more money

Here's a picture of me holding $300 I made in two hours selling pizza cards in my local downtown area during lunch time.

Let's face it … times are tough right now. People are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet. If you've been thinking about starting a home based business, you have to sell a product that people are going to buy, no matter how bad the economy is.

Now, keep in mind that you'll have an advantage over me when I started. I had to figure everything out all on my own and yes I did make mistakes my first year, yet I still earned over $50,000 in sales that first year working only part-time about 20 hours per week, so imagine what you can earn by following my no mistakes, step-by-step blueprint in my Pizza Card Profits guide.  

What the pizza card profits guide contains...

The Pizza Card Profits guide is 35 pages of pure no fluff, step-by-step, complete how-to instructions with all my knowledge, tips and tricks for you to follow and start making money. 

The Pizza Card Profits guide also contains, sample forms, letters, sales flyers and agreements for you to copy and use as you like, plus each chapter is designed to walk you through every step of the pizza discount card business and help you to become a huge success in this business. 

Here's the complete pizza card profits
guide table of contents...

Virtually No Competition

Having a successful pizza discount card business doesn't have to be just for the lucky few. With the knowledge you'll gain in my Pizza Card Profits guide, you'll understand exactly what you'll need to do step-by-step to not only start this business, but to keep it growing and becoming more profitable year after year.

Now, you have a decision to make …

You could, for example, choose to do nothing, go on from here alone, wasting your time, money and effort trying to figure out the pizza discount card business on your own.

Or, you can bypass all the frustration and experimentation and learn my secrets in the Pizza Card Profits guide, which will immediately sky rocket your business and profits to the next level. 


This business is completely turnkey ... 

You can start tomorrow and within two weeks or less be making money - guaranteed!

I'm sure you're a little skeptical about this business opportunity and that's normal, but I swear to you or your money back, that anyone can make money producing and selling pizza discount cards armed with the information provided in my Pizza Card Profits guide.


Bonus #1

If you order my Pizza Card Profits guide right now, I will include all the documents, sales flyers, letters and agreement for you in editable format, so you don't have to spend hours designing sales flyers and agreements, you can just use mine and edit them to work for you. Trust me you will want this option, so that you don't have to waste time with creating sales flyers and other documents yourself, so that you can start making money right away.

Bonus #2

I will mail you 2 real sample pizza card to use to help you show pizza shop owners and to help you close more deals.

I'm so confident that if you take proper action with my Pizza Card Profits guide that it will work for you and that if you are not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, I guarantee I will refund each and every penny you paid back.

Now, if your ready to learn how to make at least $150 a day giving away free pizza's in your local community, then order your copy of my Pizza Card Profits guide for only...



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